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Buying Your First Tractor? 3 Tips To Ensure You Purchase The Right One

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If you have a new farm, there are many things you must purchase to get started. One of these things is a tractor. Because the tractor is important for running your farm properly, below are three tips on purchasing the tractor to ensure you get the right one.


First, decide what type of transmission you want on your tractor. You will find that most use the clutch-and-gear type of transmission. You will also find more and more tractors with hydrostatic transmissions. This type of transmission does work differently, however. For example, with the clutch-and-gear transmission, you simply release the clutch and the tractor takes off. With the hydrostatic transmission, you can select the speed and gear you want the tractor to be in when it takes off.

If you only need to drive very slowly, you can drive the tractor without using the clutch at all at low speeds. This will help the clutch last longer, as it will not be used as often. When you start shopping, ask if you can drive tractors with each of these transmission types to help you determine what you would like best.

Four Wheel Drive

Something else to consider is whether you will need a four-wheel-drive tractor. This is needed if you will be using your tractor to move heavy things. For example, to do this you will need to mount a loader on the front of the tractor, which requires more horsepower in order to run the tractor at the same speed and power.

An increase in horsepower will also allow you to drive your tractor over rough terrain much easier, as well as allowing you to ride the tractor long distances without having problems. Because of this, you should consider four-wheel drive if you have a large farm.

Tractor Size

When it comes to tractors, you will find compact and mid-size options. You can save money by determining the size you need. For example, a compact tractor is much less expensive when compared to a larger tractor.

Compact tractors generally have a diesel engine with three cylinders. This gives the compact tractor enough power to do standard farming work. You also have to consider whether you need to move the tractor, such as to another farm or another area of your large farm. With compact tractors, you can easily put the tractor on a trailer that is attached to the hitch on your truck and move the tractor.

You should consider a mid-size tractor if you need more horsepower. You also get more options with a mid-size, such as remote hydraulic controls and a variety of options when it comes to the cab. Most mid-size tractors have a three-cylinder diesel engine. A mid-size tractor can do most of what you need on your farm.

Talk with a tractor salesperson to learn much more about the available tractors for sale.