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3 Features To Look For In A Good ESP Spool Trailer For Your Agricultural Operation

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Whether you are stringing up new wired fencing for an electric fence setup or running lines that will eventually be used to carry water to your crop fields, having your own ESP spool trailer can be a huge advantage. While you may not have the room in your business budget to purchase one of these units brand new, you can oftentimes find a unit for sale online that is used and a lot more affordable. If this is what you intend to do, there are a few good tips to keep in mind when it comes to features you should look for in a good unit. 

Look for a spooling trailer that has controls on the rig floor. 

Some units are designed in a way that a controller has to be up on the trailer near the spool in order to use the controls. While this is okay, it can also create a safety concern. If something happens and the line or wire on a spool breaks during roll-out or retrieval, the person operating the unit can be in the direct path of lines that have been placed under high tension and are bound to snap back. Having the rig controller on the floor is a better way to control things because the individual working the controls is down on the ground away from the spools themselves. 

Look for a spooling trailer that has not been altered too much by the owner. 

It is not at all uncommon for the owners of spooling trailers to make their own modifications to a unit so it better works with their own individual applications. While small embellishments and modifications are not really that big of a deal and can usually either be amended or worked around, anything too substantial can be problematic. If you find a unit that has a lot of extreme modifications, it may not be a worthy or financially logical investment. 

Look for a spooling trailer that has been mechanically tested by a professional. 

One big thing to make sure you always look for is a mechanical test by a professional. These trailers are not cheap, and your investment in them should be considered carefully. If the trailer has been examined by a professional, you will know the mechanical parts are in good working order and if there have been any safety implements removed that need to be replaced.

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