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Ways To Save Money With Used Equipment For Your Farm

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Small farms that are just starting or trying to grow in size often have smaller budgets than the bigger farms that they compete with. Finding ways to save money and still produce crops is essential, and sometimes buying or leasing used farming equipment can help. Below are some factors to consider when looking for used farm equipment. 

Dealer Trade-Ins

One option when you are looking for used farm equipment is to consider trade-in equipment from your local farm machinery dealer. Often large farms will trade in used farm equipment that is still in good shape but is too small for their operation or does not have some of the features they want. 

This used equipment can be great for a smaller farm, and if the dealership is offering a reasonable price for it, it might be something to consider for your farm. If you are looking at a piece of equipment that was traded in, ask the dealer if they have service records for it and any history on the machines. Often a farm that is upgrading their farm equipment will do so through the dealer that has serviced and sold them equipment in the past, so it is likely that the dealer has some insight into the equipment use and condition. 

Private Sales

In many rural areas, you can find farm equipment for sale by the farmer who owns it, much like a car is sold in a private sale. The big difference is that the equipment may have many working hours on it, and it is crucial to check it over carefully to ensure it is in good shape. Talk to the owner about the equipment and why they are selling it, ask about the equipment's history, and if they have any service records for it.

Farm equipment for sale is often older tractors or combines that are being replaced, but the reason for replacing them is not always apparent. It is essential to take the time to do a visual inspection of the machine, looking for damage or leaks as you work your way around. Ask the owner to start it and demonstrate that the hydraulics work and the machine runs and is drivable. 

If there is a transmission issue, a bad hydraulic pump, or some other major repair needed, the equipment will not save you money. It could very well cost you a lot more over time than you want to spend. If there is a problem, it might be worth repairing, but check with the dealer before committing to buying.

For more information about buying used farm equipment, contact a local dealer or a local seller.