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Use Colored Cartons For A Custom Egg Display And Other Purposes

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Eggs that have been collected from your henhouse can be featured at an agricultural fair. Your child can use colored paper egg cartons to display a series of eggs that your hens have laid. Egg cartons that are colored can be used for classification purposes, plus they will add an attractive design element to a custom display.

Colored Cartons

Agricultural suppliers may feature colored cartons that can be used to store varying egg grades. Using colored cartons is a great way to keep eggs classified based on the size and the quality of the eggs. You may want to purchase enough cartons to classify a series of eggs that have been laid by each hen that you own. First, you may want to determine how the agricultural display will be set up.

Many fairs allow youngsters to enter a contest that will highlight their agricultural efforts. A young child may take great pride in raising livestock or in sharing information about the many activities that take place on the farmland that their parents own. Egg cartons that are constructed of foam or a paperboard product will provide enough cushioning to prevent eggs from breaking. Colored cartons are constructed of the same exact materials as undyed carton products.

Conservation Efforts

If a fair display is going to be providing an overview of the health benefits and cost savings that are associated with raising hens, the cartons that your child uses can reflect upon conservation efforts. Purchasing a series of cartons that have been constructed from post-consumer materials is good for the environment. Paperboard products that are recyclable may be cheaper than materials that are made of synthetic components.

Colored cartons may have been dyed with a vegetable coloring agent or another agent that contains all-natural ingredients. After you have purchased colored cartons, help your child create labels for them. The labels can contain the names of the hens that your child will be collecting eggs from. Help your child affix the labels to the cartons. Using double-sided tape will not ruin the cartons.

Your child can display the eggs during the fair and remove the labels when the fair is over. Since your hens will be laying eggs on a routine basis, you can use the colored cartons to store all of the eggs that you collect in the future. You can also package up any eggs that you will be selling or donating.