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Reasons To Use Cedar For Your Deck

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When you meet with a local deck builder to begin discussing the construction of your deck, you'll need to decide what type of wood you want for this structure. Your contractor can give you all sorts of suggestions, including a price quote for each type of wood that interests you. It's highly probable that your builder will recommend cedar as one of your options. Cedar decks are very common, so there's a good chance you've stood on one of these decks at another property in the past. Here are some reasons to use cedar for your deck.

Unlikely To Warp

Warping is always a concern with any wooden structure. If the boards of your deck were to warp over time, you'd need to hire someone to replace them. Fortunately, cedar is a type of wood that is unlikely to warp. Provided that your deck builder buys the cedar lumber from a reputable lumber supplier that has adequately dried the wood, it should maintain its proper shape for many years. Knowing that you won't have to deal with warping issues and the related repair costs in the future can make this wood type a desirable choice.

Pleasant Aroma

One of the first things that you'll notice when you stand on a brand-new cedar deck is the pleasant aroma of this type of wood. Cedar is highly fragrant; when you visit the cedar aisle of your local lumber store, the scent of the wood will be impossible to miss. Although the aroma of the wood will fade over time, it will be very noticeable in the early life of the deck. Many people enjoy this smell, and spending time on the deck while the aroma is strong can be pleasant.

Light In Weight

It's worthwhile to think of the weight of each of the wood types that you're considering for your deck project. Cedar is known for being light in weight. Pressure-treated wood, conversely, is significantly heavier because of the chemicals that are added to the wood. Having a light wood is handy for numerous reasons. When your contractor is building the support structure beneath the deck, they'll be able to use fewer beams and posts because of the overall lightweight nature of the structure. This will reduce your materials and labor costs, helping to lower the cost of this project.

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